Hwa Rang Do®

Hwa Rang Do® is one of the most comprehensive combative systems in existence. Its vast curriculum includes:

- All forms of hand strikes and blocks

- 365 individual kicks and kicking combinations

- Throws and falls from any position and onto any surface

- Light, medium and full contact stand-up fighting

- Joint manipulation and/or bone breaking

- Pressure point applications

- Locks and offensive choking/breaking techniques

- Submission grappling applications and fighting

- Self Defense practical techniques and reactions

- Offensive and defensive use of the over 108 traditional and modern weapons



Along with having this incredible array of skills, one of the most important priorities of all Hwa Rang Do® practitioners is the development of their character. Hwa Rang Do® training is not only about fighting technique but also building strong individuals, disciplined, determinated and with a strong human morality.

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