Hwa Rang Do® for Kids

Hwa Rang Do®, as well as being a great physical activity, share the same goals of any good school: promote respect, build confidence, being independent and maximize human potential.
In our practice we don't simply teach moral values to the children, but we actively work with them to make these values really part of their lives.

We also work actively with parents and teachers, to ensure the best growth possible for the student, and promote the respect for the two main authorities in a child's life: family and school. 

Benefits for children:

  • Learn to Defend & Standup for Themself

There is no other hobby or sport, which can teach your children to standup against “bullies” and defend themselves if need be, instilling them with the strength to say “NO” when they feel something is not right.

  • Physical Coordination, Balance, and Speed

Your children will learn to develop greater control of their bodies as they learn to use every aspect of their physicality along with gaining greater flexibility to increase their range of motion and preventing injuries.

This will help them in all types of physical exercise, hobby, and/or sport.

  • Self-Discipline

Our children learn to be responsible and respect parental/teacher’s guidance, following directions and possessing the mental focus to carry out their task to completion.

  • Channeling Their Youthful Energies

We define the individual child’s needs and help them accordingly to develop greater self-control, mental focus, and discipline through fun, exciting, and challenging drills, which is the essence of what a true martial art is. 

  • Have Fun and Make Friends

At our Dojang, all children and adults are at their best behavior. 

This atmosphere is ideal for making new friends as they demonstrate their best manners, providing the children with a fun and safe experience under the constant supervision of our qualified staff and Instructors. 

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