Hwa Rang Do® dynamic sportive expression of our art reflects the comprehensiveness and diversity of our system. Students will learn the full breadth of combative sports while instilling the most noble values of respect, honor, integrity, and humility.


Standup Quick-Submit Fighting


We combine striking with hands, feet and knees as well as takedowns and throws; once taken to the ground, they have 5 seconds to submit. If no submissions are successful, they are brought back onto their feet.


Submission Grappling

Our version of both, position grappling for beginners (for control and positions), and submission grappling for intermediate and advanced students. One learns throws and takedowns and once on the ground, the goal is to submit the opponent with arm locks, leg locks, or chokes.

Mugi Daeryun

Weapon Fighting

Using traditional armours, by attacking to target areas of the head, wrists, body, and throat, but also allowing strikes to the legs as well as applying

spinning/rotational attacks.


Sword fighting using the bamboo sword.

We utilize swords of various lengths, like: Long Sword, Twin Medium Swords and One Short & One Long combination. 


Stick fighting using rattan sticks.

We utilize sticks of various lenghts, like: Long Staff, Twin Medium Sticks and Single Medium Stick or Baton.

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