Tae Soo Do®

The martial art of  "Way of the Warrior Spirit" was created as the undergraduate program to Hwa Rang Do®. The Tae Soo Do® syllabus is designed to build a foundation of physical skills as well as proper attitude for beginners practitioners. This program helps the student understand the fundamentals, basic mechanics, and philosophies inherent in Hwa Rang Do®.

Tae Soo Do® Curriculum contains:

*   Linear and Circular Kicking
*   Linear and Circular Blocks and Hand Strikes
*   Combinations: Kickboxing
*   Practical Self-defense Techniques
*   Joint Manipulation
*   Take-downs and Throws
*   Ground Fighting and Choking
*   Weaponry: Nunchucks, Long Staff, Sword
*   Beginner to Advanced Forms: Weapon and Open Hand
*   Sparring
*   Falling Techniques
*   Stretching and Agility Drill

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